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Live longer, feel better

Check your health risks before it’s too late. Free insomnia, diabetes & depression tests.

Live longer, feel better

Extend your lifespan and build a healthy lifestyle with research-backed, risk screening app.

Find out your risks

Get personal health screening on mental health, sleep disorders, cancers, and more.

Know your life expectancy

Check how long you will live, how your lifestyle affects your age, and how to improve them.


“I’m amazed to see all the things it can track and all the diseases it covers, not only physical but also of the mind, like depression or anxiety.”


“Fantastic app, very easy to use. I love that it connects to my Apple Health, this feature was a must-have for me in order to keep using the app.”


“I’m really loving this app, the UI is beautiful and it covers so many diseases. Centafit really makes tracking your health a much easier experience.”